Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs have made a major comeback in the latest years with increasingly large amounts of growing infestations. These migrating insects aren’t only found on beds in homes, but they are known to reside in hotels, schools, theaters, transportation, and anywhere people tend to gather. Bed bugs have a reputation for being a hard to get rid of pests but that doesn’t mean Real Quality Pest Control will back down from these nuisances. Our driven technicians have completed certified bed bug courses to stay up to date with conducting in-depth inspections and treatments of all sizes.


Although, bed bugs are known for mostly being found in or around beds, does not mean that is the only place they can live. These critters can also be found in sofas, chairs, electronics, suitcases, clothing, clutter and much more. Bed bugs can hide and travel within wall structures causing an infestation with your neighbors and vice versa. By understanding the reproducing habits of bed bugs brings us to understand how fast they can infest. Adult females produce about one to five eggs per day and an average of 540 eggs in her lifetime. Bed bugs lay their eggs mostly in cracks and crevices or rough surfaces. Bed bugs go through five stages of development which usually lasts between 5 to 7 weeks for the offspring to grow into maturity.

Life Cycle of the Bed Bug

Bed bugs tend to feed on hosts that emit carbon dioxide, which is the reason they are attracted to humans. They’re known to feed at night on exposed skin while the host is sleeping. That doesn’t mean that they don’t also feed during the day. In highly infested areas, these insects will take any opportunity to feed on an available blood hosts during the day. Even though bed bugs desire to feed on humans, they will feed on other warm-blooded hosts too such as domesticated animals.

Signs of infestation:

  • Adult bed bugs seen during the day or night.
  • Blood stains on bedding, walls, furniture and clothing.
  • Fecal matter on mattresses and other places.
  • Cast skins laid about.
  • Musty odors from their pheromones.

What to expect when you call Real Quality Pest Control:

  • Our customer service representative will ask you some basic questions over the phone to have a better understanding  of the bed bug issue you’re dealing with.
  • Thereafter, one of our qualified technicians will do a thorough inspection to determine if there is in fact bed bug activity.
  • If bed bug activity is detected upon inspection, you will then be given a preparation list to explain how to prep properly before treatment.
  • Once preparation is fully completed, we will then start initial treatment of Hepa vacuuming, steaming, insecticide wall infusions, crack and crevice flushing, and residual spray applications.
  • After initial treatment, we will schedule you with follow up treatments.

*Extra Services: We provide bed bug services that will help assist you with the preparations.

We can also provide upon request a trained bed bug sniffing k-9.



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