Frequently Asked Questions

What is IPM?

IPM stands for integrated pest management. Integrated pest management is a comprehensive system of ecological methods used to solve pest issues.

How can I determine what kind of pest(s) I have?

By calling Real Quality Pest Control we will send a professional technician to your home or business to inspect, locate and identify the pest. Then we will explain the treatment method(s) we will use on whatever pest was identified.

Do I have to leave my home or business during a pest treatment?

Depending on the treatment we use. For example; if we use a spray treatment, our technician would let you know the reentry time that is on the label from which is register and approved by the EPA.

Is pest control safe?

Being that some of our treatment plans are incorporated with chemical treatments, we will make sure you and everyone around is safe from the treatment. Not only do we have to make sure that our technicians are safe by wearing PPE personal protective equipment), but we will give you clear instructions before any treatment is applied.

Do bed bugs feed on animals?

Yes! Bed bugs will feed on dogs, cats, birds or any other animal when a human host is not present.

Can mice/rats make people and animals sick?

Yes! Mice and rats can make people and animals sick through there feces, urine and saliva. The diseases they transmit are the following names: Salmonella, hantavirus, leptospirosis, rat-bite fever and the plague. These diseases are harmful and should be taken seriously.

Can cockroaches make people and animals sick?

Yes! Cockroaches pick up bacteria where ever they go and spread it all around. Cockroaches give people and animals allergies and asthma. If a person has asthma, cockroach activity may cause full blown asthma attacks. Cockroaches can also leave their droppings in your food which may lead to food poisoning.

Do fruit flies only come from fruit?

Fruit flies come from much more than just fruit, they also come from vegetables, garbage disposals, drains, empty bottles and cans, and dirty rags and mops.



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