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Real Quality Pest Control specializes in fruit and drain fly control and provides treatments for all varieties of flies in homes, businesses, and especially restaurant establishments. Our expert technicians have ability’s in locating breeding sites in the trickiest areas.

Flies will land on and feed on any sort of waste such as decaying matter, sewage, garbage dumpsters, feces, urinated areas, vomit, dead carcasses, and any other organic materials. Flies transfer bacteria from waste sites by picking them up with their body parts and mouths and spreading to people, pets, foods, utensils, cookware, clean surfaces, and pretty much anything sanitary.


Fruit Fly

Female fruit flies reproduce up to 500 eggs within their life span of just ten weeks. The eggs will hatch into larvae between 24-30 hours. Only within a few days does the larvae grows into an adult which enables them to become very sexually active to reproduce even more. The reproduction of fruit flies (organic flies) can increase with unsanitary conditions containing bacterial viruses.

Drain Fly

Drain flies live for about twenty days. Within those days, the female will breed one time and lay between 30 to 100 eggs. The eggs will hatch in larvae (maggot) within 48 hours. Drain flies derives from buildup and bacteria in drains hence the name drain fly. Inhaling the insect fragments may cause respiratory issues or enhance preexisting asthma.

drain fly

House Fly

House fly eggs are laid on any warm moist areas such as decaying organic matter so that the larvae will gain easy access to food for eating. Eggs will usually hatch in about 24 hours and they feed for about five days before finding a dark place for pupal development, which then after they become a fly.

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What to expect when you call Real Quality Pest Control:

  • Our customer service representative will ask you some basic questions over the phone to have an idea of what kind of fly issue you’re dealing with.
  • Thereafter, one of our qualified technicians will do a thorough inspection to find out the exact species of the pest and the location of their breeding sites.
  • The technician will start the work process right away. The first part will include explaining IPM (integrated pest management) programs to better assure the treatment process to work, then create a treatment plan.
  • Once the treatment plan and IPM program is developed, our technician will start the process by pointing out sanitation issues, standing water issues, and build-ups in drains. We perform different treatment methods depending on different environmental factors.

*Extra Services: We provide drain cleaning programs and fly programs.



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