Rodent Control

Mice and rats each carry over 35 different diseases. Therefore, we here at Real Quality Pest Control take all rodent issues seriously. There is no reason you should feel subjected to these disease transmitting critters. Our specialized technicians will be more then equipped to ultimately solve the rodent issue in either your home or business, by using special rodent treatments and rodent proofing methods.

Female adult mice can reproduce up to 7 times a year with approximately 8 pups in each liter.


Mice tend to seek out warm, dark, and safe places to nest in.  Mice have very flexible bones which helps them fit through the tiniest and unnoticed holes as small as 1/4 of an inch. They look for opportunities such as voids in walls, windows, and open doors in search for shelter and food. When a mouse is successful in gaining access indoors, they will find harborage in a safe area and then go looking for unprotected food to feed on or bring back to their nesting site. Mice causes serious health threats because of the diseases they transmit and as a result, mice should not populate where people live and work. Mice will spread salmonella from their droppings, contaminating your food which could cause humans and pets to get food poisoning. Many of the diseases causes physical and harmful side effects such as diarrhea, fever, and abdominal pain. Another repercussion of a mice infestation is the likeliness of introducing other pests in your home or business such as fleas, mites, lice, and ticks.

Female adult rats can reproduce up to 12 times a year with approximately 22 pups in each liter.

Just like mice, rats also seek out warm and safe places to harborage. Rats will adapt to living amongst humans very comfortably because without knowing, humans supply the food and water that they need to live. They will dig and live in burrows and will find many ways to gain access into your property. Rats burrow through the ground to live in but if granted, they will enter through open doors, basements, garages, pipe chases, and even voids as small as ½ inch wide anywhere around the perimeter of your property. Rats in fact invade 21 million homes a year. They are capable to gnaw (chew) through materials such as drywall, aluminum siding, wood and wires. It is very important to us here at Real Quality Pest Control that we use suitable methods to keep rodents out by our rodent treatment and proofing systems that work. Rats are a serious health threat to humans and even pets. Rats are vectors of very dangerous diseases. They can spread salmonella, rat-bite fever, trichinosis, bubonic plague, and typhus. Knowing the dangers of these critters makes our specialist determined to solve any small or large infestation.


What to expect when you call Real Quality Pest Control:

  • Our customer service representative will ask you some basic questions over the phone to have an idea of the rodent issue you’re dealing with.
  • Thereafter, one of our qualified technicians will do a thorough inspection to find out the exact rodent activity and the locations of any entry points that will allow the rodents to enter. We will do technical thermal imaging techniques if applicable.
  • The technician will treat and exclude all voids, setup traps, and rodent devices with bait.
  • Our technician will set up and explain IPM methods to help you with sanitation issues, standing water issues, large structural damages, spaces under doors, and any other issues that can cause rodents to enter.


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